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Jeff Vogan is an instructor at Summit Workshops  teaches workflow during the Sports and Lighting workshops, as well as Summit Online workshops. 

Join professional sports photographer and Camera Bits Ambassador Jeff Vogan in this online workshop to streamline your workflow with Photo Mechanic. Whether you are on a deadline to get game images to a news service, shooting portraits for a sports league, covering a swim meet or hockey tournament, or you simply have a lot of images to manage, this workshop will teach you techniques to save you valuable time and effort. Not just for those new to Photo Mechanic, this course will provide value to experienced professional photographers as well.

Topics Covered

My Workflow Overview

Intro to Photo Mechanic

Folder Structure

Ingesting - Basic

Metadata (ITPC) Template


Code Replacements

Hot Codes

Ingesting with Code Replacements

Ingesting with Hot Codes





Uploading (FTP/Dropbox/etc.)

Import to LR/PS/C1

Workshop Feedback

“This has changed my life. I use Jeff’s technique when I shoot music festivals. Jeff is a wizard, a master.”

Mick Orlosky, Director of Marketing, Camera Bits Inc.

"Took SPORTDAD's "Streamline Your Workflow with Photo Mechanic" course. Easily the best money I have spent in years on education. I can already see how incorporating his processes will speed up my existing workflow. As an added bonus, his digital asset management practices are exactly what I've been looking for. Highly, highly recommended."

Scott Frazee

"Jeff has developed a wealth of information for utilizing all the features offered in Photo Mechanic. He shares "tried and true" methods that will speed up your workflow in culling and tagging photographs in record time. Top notch photographer that likes helping others grow."

Debbi Conlon, Debbi Conlon Photography

"Thank you again for the great workshop. I had no trouble with an equestrian shoot this weekend because of all I learned from you. ...Created a .tsv file from Google docs/sheets, ...added a huge amount of metadata using variables, ...ingested a thousand plus photos, ...could easily name the riders and the horses using the code replacements, ...culled in record time, edited in LR, and off they went to the editors!

What used to take me two or three days with many errors and kickbacks - was 30 minutes and accepted. I'm almost embarrassed at how good I was.😁

Thank you!"

Pam Jensen, Pamela Jensen Photography

"Purchased the Photo Mechanic class and was super impressed. Jeff's knowledge was amazing and information and instructions on how to use it to benefit my business practices were over the top. Emails with questions were answered quickly and being able to ask questions during the class was very helpful. Small class size structure kept things more personal and I didn't just feel like a number. GREAT EXPERIENCE!"

Cheryl Gray

1:1 Sessions

If you have taken one of Jeff's workshops or attended one of his presentations, you know that there is potential to dive deeper into a topic to apply to your specific requirements.

The 1:1 sessions are a perfect follow-up to continue your training after attending one of Jeff's workshops or presentations.

An instructor with Summit Workshops, Jeff offers 1:1 on-line training on a number of topics, including:

   ≈ Streamline Your Workflow with Photo Mechanic   

   ≈ Swimming Photography (All Levels)

1:1 Sessions Feedback

"Jeff's system for harnessing the power of Photo Mechanic and already-available features on my camera will save me dozens of hours of work per project, ensure fewer mistakes in my workflow, and ultimately help me bid on team and individual projects with a certainty and confidence I definitely wouldn't have otherwise had. Thanks to Jeff's workflow, I can bid on and execute big photo days with half the staff, spending half the time to deliver a higher quality product to my clients."

Owen Main, Owen Main Photography

"I took Jeff’s one-on-one class “Advanced Workflow with Photo Mechanic” which taught me his lightning-fast workflow for sports photography. Jeff’s course notes are straightforward, step-by-step instructions that I will continue to use in order to customize Photo Mechanic and my Nikon camera to fit my needs."

John Heggie, Game Winning Shots, North Carolina, USA

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