Recall shooting functions (aka Recall exposure settings) - Nikon D5

In this section are instructions to:

1. Set Recall shooting functions

2. Assign Fn button to Recall shooting functions

When Would You Use This Feature?

Here are a few examples of why you may wish to use this feature:

1. You are shooting birds in flight and have your camera set to a very fast shutter speed.  When the bird lands on a tree branch, you may want to quickly reduce the shutter speed and ISO.

2. You are shooting swimmers in the pool at a very fast shutter speed and high ISO.  You may want to photograph them standing beside the block and want to quickly reduce shutter speed and ISO.

3. You are photographing a cycling race with a fast shutter speed and high ISO.  You may wish to do a slow pan and want to quickly reduce the shutter speed for a couple images, then switch back to your previous settings.

4. You are photographing a field lacrosse game. Part of the field is in direct sun and part is in shadow.  You do not want to use AutoISO because AutoIso can get fooled by dark or light jerseys.

Before You Start

1. Set your camera's exposure settings to those that you wish to save for recall.

2. The camera must have a lens attached in order to save the settings.

I have my Pv button set so that I can press it and immediately have my exposure set for a non-action shot. I have slowed the shutter speed significantly. I have set Auto ISO since I do not know what the light will be like when I am taking these quick candid images.

Assign Recall shooting functions to Fn Button

1. Press the MENU button on your D5


3. Scroll to f Controls and hit OK

1. Select f1 Custom control assignment

2. Press OK

1. Select the button that you wish to program (SPORTDAD uses Pv)

2. Press OK

Note: You can only assign this function to one button.

Note: You can assign this function to a recall button on select lenses.

1. Scroll to Recall shooting functions

2. Press the right button on the selector wheel

1. Set Engage AF to ON so pressing the assigned Pv button will activate AF

2. Scroll to Update saved settings

3. Press right button on the selector wheel

1. Press Yes

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