Instruction by SPORTDAD

Jeff Vogan is an instructor with Summit Workshops, teaching sessions during upcoming workshops as well as offering personalized 1:1 training sessions.

Summit Workshops

Bringing the world's best photographers into your space, Summit Workshops' virtual workshops are designed to increase your skills and knowledge in a collaborative, on and offline format in a variety of timeframes anywhere from 1-2 day workshops, 2-4 weeks or one-on-one personalized workshops.

Jeff Vogan is an instructor for the Sports and Lighting workshops, teaching advanced workflow with Photo Mechanic.

1:1 Instructional Sessions with Jeff Vogan

Jeff Vogan is one of the 30+ instructors at Summit Workshops who offer 1:1 online instruction sessions. Two of the courses specific to Jeff Vogan are Advanced Workflow with Photo Mechanic and How to Shoot and Sell Swimming (All Levels).

Recall Shooting Functions - Nikon D5

In firmware version 1.3, Nikon added the very useful "recall shooting functions" feature.  This allows a photographer to recall previously-saved exposure settings (including shutter speed, aperture, and ISO) and even AF settings at the press of a button.

This comes in handy when for example you are shooting action with a high shutter speed and high ISO.  When there is a non-action moment, such as an athlete standing by the blocks, you may want to lower the shutter speed and ISO in order to reduce noise to get the best quality image.

Photo Mechanic by Camera Bits

What is Photo Mechanic? PM is a fast media browser that helps you view, organize, manage, and export digital photos. PM is purpose-built to speed up your digital processing workflow and is considered the industry standard for sports photography and photojournalism.

The first major event that SPORTDAD Sports Photography shot was a four-day national championship.  It took three weeks to sort through the 80,000+ images from the event.  There had to be a better way. SPORTDAD started using Photo Mechanic by Camera Bits, Googled all of the how-to articles, and watched all the Youtube videos.

Not satisfied, SPORTDAD dove deep into the weeds of PM to figure out the fastest and most efficient workflow possible.  Our record for an event is 100K+ images, and thanks to SPORTDAD's workflow, the sorting time is now zero. Find out how.

You can download a 90-day free trial of Photo Mechanic here. 

Camera Bits #WorkflowWednesday

Jeff Vogan was the guest presenter on Camera Bits' #WorkflowWednesday session.  The recording below gives some high-level details on how Code Replacements within Photo Mechanic can speed up your workflow.

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