2016 MSSAC Team Photo Day - SPORTDAD Sports Photography

MSSAC Photo Day

We took 4,914 photos and we go through each one, delete the rejects and edit each image.  We want to make each image memorable for you.

To set expectations, the best images typically come from butterfly and breaststroke.  Freestyle can yield some interesting images.  Backstroke is the most difficult to get good images because of the angles and the stroke draws water up in front of the face.  If you get one good picture of backstroke, consider it a bonus.  

We post A LOT of images because we don't assume to know which images you will like best.  Plus showing several high-speed photos can show the swimmer where they may want to hone their technique.

The photos can be downloaded and no password will be required.  You will see a "Buy Photo" button, but that is for purchasing optional prints.  

There will be four galleries per swimmer, one for each stroke.  We wanted to have a single gallery with all four strokes for each swimmer, but the swimmers did not stay in order.  Going through the images to try and match the individual galleries would have added a lot of editing time (and cost).  

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