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There are a number of sample images on our Instagram page.

Before/During the Competition

Step 1: Review the sample images and decide if these are the type of photos you would like of your athlete.

Step 2: Review the price list to determine what you would like to purchase.

Step 3: REGISTER. We only take photographs for those divers that have been registered for photographs. 

Step 4: Pay prior to the event at the SPORTDAD desk at the event.

Dedicated photographers: Our photographers will only shoot one diver at at time.  Don't be disappointed...sign up early.

What should you purchase? Over 95% of people purchase the digital gallery, which includes typically dozens of images that we took of your athlete. Many also order prints of that spectacular shot your swimmer loves.  Prints make great gifts.

After You Register

1. You should receive a confirmation email from SPORTDAD Sports Photography within minutes of submitting your registration. If not, check your junk folder.

2. The confirmation email will give you the instructions of when and where to view your photos.

3. The confirmation email contains the info you provided during registration, including your personal password.

4. The confirmation email will direct you to www.sportdad.ca/dive (this page).

5. It takes approximately a week to post the images on the website.

6. We do not send an email when images are posted. Please check the website.

After the competition

50% off of prints for those who already purchased a gallery.  And if you follow @sportdadca on social media, and make the occasional comment or a great Facebook review, you might expect a little extra in your delivery!!!

How/when you get your images: It takes us a few days to sort and edit the images after an event. The image galleries will be posted on the website typically within a week after the event.

No email notification required: We do not send an email when your images are ready.  You will have the instructions in the confirmation email you received when you registered for images. Check the website a few days following the event.

No need to log into the website. The log in you might notice in the corner of the screen is for the site administrator.  You do not need to log in.

Password protected gallery. Click on the image of your swimmer and you may be asked for a password. This is the password you set when you registered. Please check the confirmation email you received upon registration. Your password will be listed there.

For those that registered: Enter the password you created at registration to access the gallery. Click the purple "Download Gallery" button and enter an email address. The website will zip up the images and send you a verification email with a link to the images in a couple minutes. Click that link to download the images. Please note that to download images you must be on a computer (not a tablet or phone).

Ordering prints: If you take the digital images somewhere to get printed, SPORTDAD does not guarantee the quality of the prints. We do however guarantee quality if SPORTDAD prints them. We print each image individually on a pro printer using archival lustre paper that is designed to last 200 years (so we're told).

For those that ordered a single image or prints: Email dive@sportdad.ca with the athlete's name and the image number(s) that you would like. 

Watermarks: Watermarks do not appear on purchased images.

Follow SPORTDAD on Social Media: Make sure you follow SPORTDAD on social media to get the updates on the images as well as information about upcoming events. SPORTDAD is even known to post specials on social media.

Image Galleries

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