Cobra Swim Club Team Portraits

Selections must be made by Saturday, November 23 or the the choice will be made for you.

Prints will be delivered to the club in early December for distribution to the athletes.

If you order digital images, they will be emailed to you directly shortly after you submit your selection.

Below are sample images to show the type of photos that we take. You can see samples of where optional text has been added.

You will need the image number when making your selection

Untitled photo

The Image Number goes in the Number field on the form.

Untitled photo

Unedited Images

The unedited images are below in alphabetical order within their groups.  Once you select your image(s), they will be edited.  

Click on the big green button below to make your selection.  

If you have more than one child in the club, please fill out a form per athlete.

One 5x7 print is being prepaid by the club.  Additional prints and/or digital images can be ordered.  The form contains all the prices for the additional prints/digitals.  

Please complete one form per athlete.

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