BTSC Portraits

Photo Day is scheduled for November 27, 2021 in the Pool Classroom at East Bayfield Community Centre.

We are now fully booked for November 27th. We will try to change the scheduling to accommodate more athletes but for now we are fully booked and cannot take any more appointments.

1. Booking Photo Session

SPORTDAD Sports Photography will have a limited number of time slots available for portraits to be taken of their athlete.  We will be booking from approximately 10:30am on a first-come, first served basis.  

Each time slot will be approximately 5-10 minutes and will include one retouched digital image.  Additional images, graphics and/or prints may be ordered after the photoshoot.

The reservation must be booked in advance by completing the booking form.

We will send an email out with the approximate times for your photo session a few days before November 27th. 

2. The Photoshoot

A few things to consider for the photo session:

1. If you want photos taken with goggles on and off, we should shoot with the goggles off first.

2. While they may look great in a t-shirt or track suit, they are swimmers and their portraits will look best in their swim gear.

3. Their hair should be combed before I start shooting.  

4. Do not let your child eat cheesies or a purple popsicle before the shoot.  You'd be amazed at how often that happens.

5. I have a few standard poses that I will typically use.  If you want something different, I would be happy to do so.

6. I do my best to elicit smiles but some kids prefer not to smile.

7. When it's your child's turn for photos, please have them ready.

3. After The Photoshoot

Once the photos have been taken, here's what to do:

1. Review the unedited images in the gallery below labelled "2021 BTSC Portraits - Unedited"

2. Write down the image number for each image you have chosen.

3. Click the green button labelled "CLICK HERE TO ORDER YOUR IMAGES"

4. Enter the information requested in the form.

5. There will not be watermarks on the purchased images.

The prices for optional additional prints/digitals are contained within the order form.

If you order prints by December 10th, the prints will be sent to the club office for distribution to the athletes in time for the holidays.

Untitled photo

You will need the image number for each image that you order.  In the image of Sarah, for example, the image number is 489.

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