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1. Before The Photoshoot

In order to have photos taken, please sign-up.

The fee for the photo session and one edited digital image is $70 for non-members or $50 for club members.  

The fee will be collected at the photoshoot by the club official.

2. During the Photoshoot

Cars will be photographed in the order that you signed-up for photos.  Sign-up early!

When it is your turn, please move your car into place quickly.  

Please follow the photographer's directions.

We will take a number of images so feel free to stand with your car for some images and then move aside so your ride gets all of the attention.

3. After The Photoshoot

The unedited images from the photoshoot will be in the appropriate gallery below.  

Each image is numbered. You will need the image number to order.

After an image is ordered it will be edited for you.  

The SPORTDAD watermark will not appear on the final image unless of course, you want it there!

Use the form below to select your image number and other optional items.

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