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Passionate about sports photography and want opportunities to shoot? SPORTDAD is looking for high-quality photographers and assistants to join our team and create with us.

Why join the SPORTDAD team?

You will be paid hourly, so your pay is predictable.  You never get paid commissions based upon just what gets sold.  You will be working with professional photographers who share a passion for capturing great moments in sports. SPORTDAD images have been featured on websites, newspapers and magazines.  

We are looking for Assistants!

When we shoot at events, we often need assistants to help us book orders and get a start on the editing process.  But we don't ask you to spend the entire day at the sales desk, we make sure that we give you opportunity to shoot.  This is a great opportunity for recent graduates looking for their entry into the photography business.  This is much better than an unpaid internship. You would be a valuable team member so you definitely get paid.

Want to shoot with SPORTDAD?

Some events require additional shooters.  If you are a professional photographer and looking for more opportunities to shoot, send an email to SPORTDAD.

Requirements to shoot with SPORTDAD

   >   Professional shooting experience

   >   A portfolio of sports and action photographs

   >   Professional grade camera (consumer DSLRs don't cut it)

   >   70-200mm f/2.8 lens (plus other pro-grade lenses)

If you would like to work with the SPORTDAD team, contact us by email.

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