FAQ - SPORTDAD Sports Photography

Why should I pay for SPORTDAD photos if I have my own camera?

There are a number of factors that differentiate SPORTDAD images from photos you might take with your smartphone or you DSLR. 

But a picture is worth a thousand words, so click to see The SPORTDAD Difference that compares typical parents' images beside SPORTDAD images. Put down your camera, enjoy the game and leave the shooting to the professionals.

How do I buy photos?

If you signed-up to have images captured during an event, the images will be made available for download.  Easy!  Optional prints can be purchased by clicking the BUY PHOTO button and follow the prompts.

If you had not pre-registered, you may still buy images. Click on a photo and the click the green BUY PHOTO button in the corner of the screen.  If you want a digital download, click on the Download tab to see your options.

You can buy one or more photos.  If there is a bunch you like from a game/event, it could be more economical to download the entire album.

Can I download photos that display larger than what I see here?

Yes!  Small versions of images are shown on the website for preview.  When you purchase the images, you will get the full, high-resolution version.

Will there be watermarks on the images I purchase?


Are there more photos than what is shown here?

Typically yes.  SPORTDAD shoots a lot of photos at each game/event.  If you are looking for more pictures of somebody, contact SPORTDAD

Can I request SPORTDAD come shoot at a specific game/event/tournament/meet?

Yes. Determine what budget you have in mind and send a note to info@sportdad.ca

Does SPORTDAD do team photos/banners/posters?

Yes. Click here for examples.

How many photos will I get?

It depends on the event. At a typical game, we will take several hundred photographs, but not all are "keepers." We encourage people to focus on quality rather than quantity.  A few awesome images are far better than hundreds of mediocre ones.  

How long are the images kept on the website?

We only promise to keep the images on the website for six months. There may be an applicable fee to retrieve images that are older than six months (if the images are still available).  

Is SPORTDAD insured?

Yes. We carry $2 million in commercial liability insurance. 

Does SPORTDAD shoot video?


Will SPORTDAD photograph my wedding?

No.  Unless it's in Bora Bora.   Then call.

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