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The SPORTDAD Difference

Why pay for professional photography when you can take the photos yourself? Or maybe a parent on the team takes pictures.  We could explain by discussing the technical aspects of sports photography but they say a picture is worth a thousand words.  

Mom's photo of her son

Mom took this photo from the stands

Photo taken by SPORTDAD

Same swimmer performing the same stroke as the previous photo

Mom's best image she took of her daughter

See the next photo of the same skater

Photo taken by SPORTDAD

Same daughter as the previous photo. Different results.

Photo taken by SPORTDAD

Same swimmer as in the previous photo.

Photo taken by driver's Mom

This is the same driver as in the next photo.

Fun on the JetSki

Living the Muskoka life

Player's mom took this photo as the game was set to start

National championship weekend, so you want memorable shots

2015 Baggataway Cup Quarter-Finals

Guelph Gryphons vs Bishops Gaitors

Photo taken by skier's Mom

This was Mom's best picture of her daughter's first time up on skis.

First Time on Waterskis

The smile is priceless!

Photo taken by rider's Mom

Big sister of the waterskier shown above.

Photo taken by SPORTDAD

Same rider as the previous photo

Put away your phone or your camera and enjoy the game.  Book SPORTDAD to shoot the images that you will cherish.

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