two men's lacrosse players

SPORTDAD Sports Photography

Commercial sports, action and portrait photography based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.


Jeff Vogan played varsity tennis for the University of Waterloo Warriors and received a camera as a graduation gift. Years later he became a dad of an athletic son and developed a passion for sports photography. That's Jeff's son Brendan in the red jersey. That's where the company name comes from. You will sometimes see Brendan at events as part of the SPORTDAD team.


Vogan's images were being published in magazines and websites and he started shooting for some of the industry's premier photography companies. He created SPORTDAD Sports Photography.


Today Jeff Vogan is a commercial photographer, one of six Camera Bits Ambassadors, a Getty Images contributor, a workshop instructor and a frequent speaker.


Jeff Vogan | 416-528-5333

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