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SPORTDAD Sports Photography is based in Toronto, Canada (GTA), and provides commercial sports, action and event photography.

An athlete will train for years, enduring pain and often injuries. Rehab, physiotherapy, hours in the gym, missing the school dance, skipping dessert, early hours at the pool, late nights on the field. Why? Because it's fun. It's rewarding. Competing is the reward. Finishing is the reward. Winning is the reward.

SPORTDAD Sports Photography strives to capture that moment. That moment where all of those years of hard work and sacrifice pays off. That moment that is worth remembering.


Jeff Vogan received a camera as a graduation gift.  For years he carried that camera everywhere, burning through rolls of film in the pursuit of his hobby. Fast forward...Vogan becomes a dad of an athletic son and develops a passion for sports photography. That's Jeff's son Brendan in the red jersey.  That's where the company name comes from.  You will sometimes see Brendan at events as part of the SPORTDAD team.

Vogan's images were being published in magazines and websites and he started shooting for some of the world's premier photography companies. He created SPORTDAD Sports Photography, a sports and event photography company. Today Vogan is the lead photographer and works with a team of experienced sports and commercial photographers to capture memorable images of athletes for both commercial and personal use.

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